Altaley Mining Corporation

We at Altaley believe we have a mission to create enduring, sustainable value for all our shareholders, employees and the communities where we work.

Audit Committee

Members of the Audit Committee

In relation to audit matters, the Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the nature and scope of the annual audit, management's reporting on internal accounting standards and practices, financial information and accounting systems and procedures, and financial reporting and statements. They also recommend, for approval of the Board, the audited financial statements, interim financial statements and other mandatory disclosure releases containing financial information.

Human Resources & Compensation Committee

Human Resources

The role of the Human Resources & Compensation Committee is to assist the Board of Directors of the Company in fulfilling its responsibility by reviewing matters relating to the human resource policies and compensation of the directors, officers and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries within the context of the budget and business plan of the Company when applicable. This includes matters such as compensation philosophy and remuneration policy, Board retainer fees, performance objectives and evaluation of the Chief Executive Officer, compensation and benefit package for senior officers, proposed stock option or share purchase plans, bonuses, and the annual disclosure of compensation information as required by securities law.