Telson Mining Corporation

We at Telson believe we have a mission to create enduring, sustainable value for all our shareholders, employees and the communities where we work.

Health and Safety

Telson Mining Corporation’s objective is to maintain a safe and healthy workplace free of injury and illness.

We are committed to the health, safety and well being of our workforce and will work to achieve an incident-free workplace.

We recognize that individuals, through their own behaviours and actions, are ultimately responsible for safety. We encourage and support all employees to achieve our goals by incorporating into their planning and work the actions necessary to ensure the safety of themselves and others in the workplace.

To achieve our health and safety objectives we will:

  • Promote safe and healthy behaviour as a core value in the organization’s culture.
  • Promote and enhance employee commitment and accountability to this policy.
  • Develop and implement effective management systems to identify, minimize and manage health and safety risks in the workplace.
  • Provide the resources to achieve a safe and healthy work environment for all of our people.
  • Provide training and information to enable all our people to work safely and competently.
  • Comply with applicable regulations, laws and international guidelines.
  • Promote health and safety in all aspects of our work, family and local